No Complimentary Account Code...

09-06-2021 07:39 PM
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I have downloaded and installed the Version 3 Adobe Creative Cloud PlugIn. I was running the latest version of Illustrator but  downgraded to Illustrator 25.2.3 so the install would work. I opened the PlugIn and proceeded to Sign up for the Complimentary option. The PlugIn appears to have accepted my registration as it proceeds to the "Activtion Screen" and asks me to insert the code I should have received via email.

As yet (24 hours later), I have received no email with the the activation code. I went through the process a second time and still no email.

What, according to ESRI should be a straight forward process, appears to be frustratingly not.

Can anyone advise on how to remedy this situation.

Many thanks in advance of your reply.


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