02-20-2014 11:33 PM
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Hello Team,

ArcMap has an feature for annotations to give them masking to prevent overlapping with the other feature classes but this feature makes unvisible underneath feature classes. I'm looking for a feature that checks for other annotations and feature classes (polyline, point, polygon) positions then give dynamic position to annotation. If I use masking it will make unvisible the feature classes which it can't be done for aviation maps. For instance, after giving masking to vordme's annotation if this mask makes vordme unvisible then would be meaningless. You can say offset, positioning (N,S, SE etc.) can be given to annotation but working with various scales and different procedures makes meaningless and insufficient this features. Masking feature can be helpful for showing information but not enough for aviation charts or maybe there can be another feature which I couldn't notice.

Looking forward for any kind of help and thanks in advance.
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I the ArcGIS for Aviation tools, we have a tool called Batch Masking that allows you to create the masking feature classes in a batch mode for the features you want to mask. This tool run the Core tool called "Feature Outline Masks". The output, as you stated, create a polygon feature class that is the representation of the envelope of the feature you want to mask. In order for you to use those mask, you need to turn the visibility of the layers off in the Table of Contents (uncheck them) and then right-click on the dataframe and select Advanced Drawing Options. In this dialog, check the box that says " Draw using masking options specified below". This will turn on the masking of the layers in the layout.  Click the layer that you want to use as a mask in the Masking Layers list and then choose the layer that you want to have affected by the mask in the masked Layers list.

Here is the Help topic that talks about masking: http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/main/10.1/index.html#//00s50000002v000000

Hope this information helps,
Aviation team
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