Hatching for "only one" of two endpoints?

11-17-2014 09:05 PM
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When setting up a hatching class for a linear referenced route layer, is it possible to define a End hatch definition for only "one" of the two endpoints?

We need a way to set up an endpoint hatching that labels the first endpoint as blank and the second endpoint as the lenghth of the route.



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A colleague of mine suggested the following for a similar technical support case:

1. Go to the hatch properties > Select one of your hatches > (1KM > Hatch Def(5)) > Label Settings.

2. Select > Build a text expression:

3. Change the parser to python > check the advanced box.

4. Paste in the following:

def FindLabel ( esri__measure 😞

    if esri__measure == 0:

        return ""


        return esri__measure

this will look for a measure of 0 and return a blank ("") if the measure is 0.

Does this help?

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