Drawing Polygons by Points

10-29-2019 08:21 AM
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I'm currently mapping parking spaces along city rights-of-way (mostly parallel parking).  What I'm trying to do (if it's possible) is to draw a line along each roadway section, use the Construct Points tool to place points at 18' intervals, then somehow tell ArcMap, "draw a 9'x18' polygon centered on each point".  I know there's a Fishnet function that sounds like it might do something similar, but I don't have access to that tool nor the "Feature to Polygon" tool that Advanced has.

I'm not a strong user of ArcMap - I use it everyday to look at city maps but when it comes to editing/creating new maps my skills aren't great.  Can anyone recommend a good way to draw these parking spaces along miles and miles of roadway without having to manually draw each and every 9'x18' spot, using basic ArcMap tools ?

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Sounds complicate but is actually very easy.

You have your point. Calculate the X,Y  (decimal degrees)

Manually draw a 9' x 18' rectangle and center it on the point.

Generate points at each corner of the rectangle.  Calculate the X,Y of each point.  Give them names that will help you

Xc,Yc (X Center, Y Center),  Xne, Yne etc...

Now calculate the X and Y offset distances for each of the four points from the Center XY

Say Xc, Yc = -1,0   and Xne, Yne = 0,1

So the offset for Xne = Xne - Xc etc for each point.  So for any point you have the offset amount will be the same, use calculations to generate the four new X,Y locations in a matter of seconds for thousands of points.  then find the appropriate geoprocessing tool(s) to generate your polygons

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