Collection of data over lines

07-31-2015 05:33 PM
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I have created several parallel lines in a feature so that I could use the Stack Profile tool to find the change in point densities and elevations across each of the lines, but ran into a few issues.

Stack Profile seems to take data at different points along the lines with respect to the points it took on the other lines and considers the first point on the line to be the first point where there is data. For my analysis, I would like to have some sort of consistency, with x=0 being the vertex of each line and reporting any points where there is no data as 0 or NaN so that I can get the same amount of measurements for each line, beginning and ending in the same location on the map. Is there any way I can customize the way Stack Profile collects this data or is there another tool I can use for this purpose?

Additionally, the measurements of distance from the vertex to a given point is shown as a very small number (in the thousandths) while each line represents a distance of about a couple kilometers. I believe this is because of the coordinate system I chose, so the units are not meters. How can I find out what these units are and how can I convert these values into meters?


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Wild guess...your data are in decimal degrees, I would fix that by projecting your data to a euclidean (aka projected) coordinate system appropriate for you area nd data extent.  After that, you data will make more sense and your problem can be addressed.