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05-05-2014 11:42 PM
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I'm interested to calculate representation for ATSRoute, anybody knows how to build Query? [ATTACH=CONFIG]33607[/ATTACH]
I want that my Route will look like this [ATTACH=CONFIG]33608[/ATTACH]
Help me, please!
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If you can send me an e-mail address, I can share with you a sample database (SQL Express .mdf) that we have that contains some sample VST expressions on the ATSRoute feature class that can help you.

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Original User: chaso17 It'm my E-mail.
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That is my main task building query in VST. The idea is:

1. You have a feature class

2. Your feature class have representation

3. Make sure your respresentation rule have been save

in a style file and park in C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.2\Styles

3. Open VST table

4. Add rule in VST

5. To define the query, what field you want to query and which symbology you want to use


6. To define which symbology you want to use, under tab Preview, search the representation rule in style file you have save at no 3.

query 1.jpg

Thank You

Contact me at if any.