ArcGIS Online basemap: show the whole world

02-10-2015 02:33 PM
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I am making a storymap about Captain James Cook. I want to show the entire world, but when the user zooms out, the map gets smaller, with white space surrounding it. Is there any way to make the basemap repeat its tiles, the way OpenStreetMap will when you zoom out?

The Third Voyage.jpg

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Maybe the StoryMap is different from the plain web map. But I get the same effect when zooming too far out with Streets as the base layer as you show with the aerial base.

When zooming with the preset levels, you can't zoom to some intermediate level that might be optimal for your extents. If you are too far out, you get some white border as the world is only as big as it is. Can you live with a max extent maybe one more level zoomed in?

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