Short video on how to contribute to the Living Atlas of the World

06-02-2015 09:56 AM
Esri Contributor
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Curious how to nominate a layer, map, app or web scene to the Living Atlas of the World? Go see: Living Atlas of the World: Contributor App | ArcGIS Video

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About the Author
I am a geographer, making maps to clarify interactions among people and things they care about. I work as a principal product engineer on the team responsible for ArcGIS Living Atlas. Every day, I focus on defining and creating the right maps for the right audiences. We deliver these maps as data, services, layers, web maps, apps, dashboards and story maps in ArcGIS Online. I came to Redlands in 1994 to join Esri as an intern, and liked the opportunities I saw around the GIS industry. I returned in 1995 as a consultant/project manager in Esri Professional Services, working mostly with commercial GIS users in retail and marketing. For ten years, I learned about the software, hardware, data, people and processes required for successful GIS projects. Later, I served as product manager for Business Analyst Online and its web services, and program manager in the business products team. With the arrival of ArcGIS 9.3, I joined the ArcGIS Content team to focus my time on making high quality maps as information products for the web, using the core tools. My undergraduate degree in journalism reflects a lifelong interest in how data and information are distilled into clear stories, communicated to the intended audiences. I earned a Master's degree in Geography under the guidance of Dr. Duane Marble at The Ohio State University, where we co-authored papers on how to apply GIS and demographics to better understand university admissions processes.