Zone Lookup not centering on result

02-14-2023 09:12 AM
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Hi I'm using Zone Lookup for folks to look up if their parcel intersects with a bunch of other layers (school districts, trash pickup, county elected officials, etc.), and when you click in the app, it will zoom to another area and not on the parcel that is selected. 

It seems like the Lookup is trying to center on all of the layers in the map (for instance I tried it with just the parcel layer and it stayed centered on the parcel), but when another larger layer is turned on it'll go wonky and won't center on the selected parcel/point on the map that a user clicks. 

I've also tried searching using our organization's geocoder and it will center on the geocoded result. 

Long story/post short/tldr: is there a way to force the map interactivity to ONLY interact with one layer in the Instant App environment?

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I'm not sure I understand. In Zone Lookup when you click on the map it will find the search location and use that to select features that fall within the search location. If you have an active search then clicking will scroll to the selected feature in the list. 

Is your app public - or can you create a demo app -  and provide the exact steps you use to demonstrate the issue? 



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Hi Kelly,

I think I am having this same issue with the Zone Lookup.  I am trying to replace an existing implementation of the Information Lookup with Zone Lookup Instant app.

In the Information Lookup app, if search on an address it will zoom and center to the location.  In the zone lookup, it seems that it centers on the zone at some set zoom level.  The address I searched for may not even appear on the screen.  I would like it to center on the search result at a zoom level that I can define.  Is there a configuration of the zone lookup app that would support this?


Here are the examples:

Sample search - '14 Eisenhower Dr'

Information Lookup

Zone Lookup example