Select records with predifined filter and export them

11-20-2020 08:33 AM
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Hi, I am fairly new to insights and have run into an issue that kind of puzzles me. 

To give some background, I want to be able to use insights to allow my users to take a parcel point dataset, filter it for a given area from a polygon using a spatial filter, and then export it to shapefile or csv.  All using predefined filters.  The parcel dataset is too large to show all of it on a map card, so i have a predefined filter that filters by RT to get the total point count down.  So the spatial filter is actually being done on a dataset filtered by a predefined filter.

My problem comes that when I get my parcel subset using the predefined filter and then try to use the spatial filter which also uses a predefined filter to get a specific cdp for example, it tries to do the spatial filter on the entire dataset.  When I make a summary table which shows the subset count and then try to export that it also exports the entire dataset and not my subset. Basically, my predefined filters are showing my subsets in table and map cards, but will not allow me to export those subsets.  This is great for the visual, but does little to help my users make use of those subsets.

Is this something I am doing wrong?  My users need to be able to do this spatial intersect and output a list of parcels.  I know if I do a hard filter on the point and polygon datasets I can get the spatial filter to work, but I want my users to be able to use a predefined filter.

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Hi Laura,

Have you tried to prepare the data by having your polygon area values conflated onto your parcel centroids? I you use "create relationships" to join these two datasets together, the parcels will have the area values. Then, you could just use predefined filter on the area value. When you join, you can use the spatial fields.

In our next release of Insights (March 2021.1) we have a new enhancement to allow viewers (of shared pages and workbooks) to export data from cards. You will no longer need to have an Insights license to make data exports.

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