Support For View Layers

06-18-2021 03:59 PM
Status: Open
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Simple idea, perhaps not easy to implement.

Use case;

I use view layers on larger datasets to give myself a "head start" when it comes to showing certain elements, whilst also controlling access to the data for others. eg; a view layer to give me data from within the last one day of an IoT sensor.

I use views in dashboards and ExpB etc., I thought I'd be able to use views in Insights too allowing me to create cards for ExpB where the simple chart or embedded dash isn't quite suitable. Also would allow other users to download that card's data.

Will support for views ever be a function?



Insights supports view layers. Can you tell me which version of Insights you are using and the problem you are facing? Thanks.




So, I've created a "In the last 15 mins" view layer of a sensor dataset, the view layer was created in AGOL. Our sensor sends data every 15 mins, so the view layer reports only one record.

In Insights, whether that's online or desktop (v....3604), I can see the view layer, I can add it, but instead of just one record, I get 21k+ which is the entire dataset.

In ExpB or Dashboards, using the view layer gives my the result I'd expect.


Hi Jonathan,

I created a feature layer from AGOL and added to Insights. I got the expected data. Maybe your feature layer has something that Insights doesn't know. To troubleshoot the problem, it would be better to create a tech support incident. Or you can drop me an email, we can do a screen share.



Hi, thanks for the reply. I've got a support ticket open for other Insight issues, however, for sanity's sake, I'll post a couple of grabs for you. And just to be clear, my issue is when using a view layer of a dataset created in AGOL, then using that view within Insights.

My AGOL feature service view - returning the 1 record from the last 15 mins.


If I take this view layer into Insights - 



I get - 



Insights ignores the view and goes back to "mumma"