Top Five: What's New in Insights for ArcGIS? (March/April 2019)

04-17-2019 08:56 AM
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New Capabilities Available in Insights for ArcGIS!

We hope you enjoy the new enhancements we've added to help you manage data, utilize Python and R, and collaborate with others.

Please note that if you are an ArcGIS Enterprise customer and have deployed Insights for ArcGIS with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7, be sure to download Insights 3.2.1. If you are running ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1, please download Insights 3.2. Need help upgrading to the latest Insights release in ArcGIS Enterprise? Check out our help.


Here are your top five release takeaways:

#1 Personalized Home Page

As soon as you log into Insights, see your recent workbooks, your favorites, and the most used items by you and your organization.

#2 Unlimited Analytical Methods at Your Fingertips

Work and integrate with the tools and languages you already know—Python and R. Connect to your existing Jupyter or Anaconda setup—no need for a new deployment. Please note that this is a public beta.

#3 Share Insights Items to Another ArcGIS Organizational Account

Now, Insights items (models, workbooks, themes, pages) are supported in distributed collaborations. Share Insights items to another ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 or ArcGIS Online organizational account.

#4 Connect to PostgreSQL

Spatial data stored within PostGIS (the native spatial type) and Esri geodatabase (ST_Geometry type) are now supported.

#5 Insights Analyst User Type

The Insights Analyst user type is a new way to license Insights.  It’s designed for an analyst who only wants access to Insights, and nothing else within ArcGIS. If you have a user who needs to perform analysis on your GIS content and other non-spatial business data together, all within a familiar non-disruptive BI-like environment, this user type is ideal.

Get the full scope. Check out our release blog for complete details and demos. 

Read the Insights release blog