Top 5 – What’s New in Insights for ArcGIS

07-03-2019 03:02 PM
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Insights for ArcGIS keeps getting better, and our June release is no exception. We hope you enjoy the updates we've made to maps, charts, tables, and data in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise.
Here are your top five takeaways from this release:

#1 Charts in Maps
Is that a chart in your map? Yup. Use this new map visualization to answer questions such as this one: what does the distribution of gas station brands look like between locations?

Pie chart within an Insights for ArcGIS map.

#2 Summary Tables
Bring on the variables. Analyze an unlimited number of strings to see groupings of data based on interacting categories.

#3 Percentile Statistics for Reducing the Noise of Outliers
With Insights, the percentile is now configurable—meaning that you can define a value (such as 90th percentile) and visualize the distribution of records that fall above and below that value.

#4 Shapefiles
Drop shapefiles on an Insights page (must be zipped) just like you would an Excel spreadsheet. Also, save feature layers as shapefiles and CSV files to share with colleagues and use in other applications such as ArcGIS Pro and Excel.

#5 Scripts for Expanding the Possibilities
Edit and run previously executed cells, add a script to a model, and export the scripting history to the data pane.

What else is new? Read our ArcGIS Blog to get the full scoop and see these new features in action.

New Contributor II

What specifically did you use to create this flow map? Very interested in recreating this. 

New Contributor III

Hi Dennis, 

Thanks for reaching out! The way this was created was by removing the nodes for the link chart (change the symbols to no fill) and adding a second layer to create the pie charts. Here is some documentation to help you first create the link map and then create a map with pie charts. Please note, for this to work, the same data set must be used to create both two layers.

Happy Mapping!