New deployment icons in the Insights help documentation

06-29-2021 04:00 PM
Esri Contributor
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The Insights help documentation includes information on all Insights deployments (Insights in ArcGIS Online, Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise, and Insights desktop) in one place without using a switcher. Most topics in the help documentation apply to all deployments, but some topics, such as setup and administration topics, apply to one or two deployments.

All help topics with information that does not apply to all deployments include a note at the top of the topic. In addition to the note, all Insights help topics now include deployment icons indicating which deployments are relevant to the topic. For example, topics about charts include icons for all three deployments, topics about database connections include icons for Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise and Insights desktop, and topics about setting up Insight desktop include the icon for Insights desktop only.


Smaller versions of the icons are also used when necessary for subsections of the help documentation or in notes.

We are looking for the following feedback on the new deployment icons:

  • Do you find these icons helpful when you’re reading the help documentation?
  • Would the deployment icons be sufficient to communicate which deployments are relevant to the topic if the notes were removed?
  • Are there other changes you would like to see in the help documentation to clarify which deployments are discussed in a topic?