"Generate Occupant Features" Geoprocessing Tool & Error 00800

04-07-2021 05:54 AM
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ArcGIS Pro 2.7 / Indoors (AIIM) database (with v2.6 schema updates applied) / Enterprise Portal 10.8.1 (Incl. Indoors Capabilities)


We're working through the Space Planner workflow; We've applied all of modifications to our database as per the "Prepare a map for use in Indoor Space Planner" guidance. 

For the "Generate Occupant Features" geoprocessing run, we're using:

  • Unit ID Field: Name
  • Occupant Id Field: KNOWNAS

We've pasted the same data to both the Units table and into the Excel data file, so there should be no problems with the join.

When we execute "Generate Occupant Features", we get the following error:

Failed to execute. Parameters are not valid.
ERROR 000800: The value is not a member of Input Occupant Table.
Failed to execute (ExcelToTable).
Failed to execute (GenerateOccupantFeatures).


The documentation for "Error 000800" is rather vague ... 

The keyword used is not a member of the list of acceptable keywords.

Change the keyword to a member of the list provided. For more information on what each keyword signifies, review the tool's help.


Deducing from the full error message in Pro, the FailedToExecute indicates "ExcelToTable". 
So maybe it's something in the (Input Occupant Data) Excel file? 

Okay, but what does "value" mean (Column name or cell data)? 

The only columns in our Excel file are (all of) those specified here Load occupant data documentation.
So maybe it's something in the data? Last thing I can think of trying is to export the Excel file into a csv but really doubt that would be too helpful ... 


Any thoughts appreciated!




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