Dataset download issue, and loss of description

06-14-2017 06:41 PM
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My name is Kittiphong Phongsapan. I’m working on the ESRI open data portal and got stuck with some issue about the portal itself.

After I upgrade the current version (ArcGIS Open Data 1.10) to the new version (ArcGIS Open Data 2.0) the dataset cannot be downloaded and the description of the dataset are disappear. The issue is depicted below:

I’m sharing the site of both versions for your reference

Version 1.10

Version 2.0 (which having the issue)

It would be great if you could help me to address the issue that I have list above.

Thank you.


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I checked this dataset and it looks like the description is appearing correctly. The reason that downloads are failing is that the server has SSL improperly configured. I would recommend working with Esri Support to set of the Web Adaptor with SSL certificates properly configured.

You can reach them here: 1 (888) 377-4575

Daniel Fenton

Software Engineer | ArcGIS Open Data

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