Searching Hub content by Map - please add back!

04-08-2021 06:20 PM
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We just implemented a new Hub site that will act as our Open Data Portal, and I was devastated to learn this capability was intentionally removed. I literally cannot believe ESRI did this. At least add searching by a map as a option, rather than remove it outright! We have some products that are gridded due to size (i.e. contours). If someone searches our site for "contours", the results are 400 items. You can try it yourself at The user experience is horrible. The user has zero idea which item is relevant to them. Only knowing where the layer exists in geographic space can help identify which are applicable. The ability for a end user to filter results by a AOI or extents or a map is a critical need. Using the "near" keyword is not enough and certainly not prominent enough (it also doesn't work). I had a contractor two weeks ago not able to find the contours they needed on our Hub site because they couldn't determine which layers applied. Keyword search is not enough!!!!!!!!!!!!

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