Include layer files in downloads

06-14-2021 05:49 PM
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When a user downloads a data layer from our Hub site as a shapefile, there is no layer file included with the shapefile to preserve the symbology we've set up. Other methods of accessing the data (via the ArcGIS Map Viewer, or by adding the data to ArcGIS Pro using its URL) do preserve the symbology, so I would like to see the symbology included as a layer file with downloaded data as well. 


Layer files can be uploaded and added separately, but it would be nice to somehow "associate" an uploaded layer file with the open data layer.


What I do is, if I have a related file I want to include, I add the URL to that item (the layer file on AGOL for instance) into the metadata of the main item under Distribution/Transfer Items/Online Resource, updating its Function to "Download" (down below in that tab).    



Then it shows up as an Additional Resource in the download dialog.  Not super obvious, but at least associates it with that item and makes it available to the user.


Here is the item download URL if you want to see: