Have site date formats inherit from AGOL organisation settings

05-31-2021 06:15 PM
Status: Under Consideration
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Apologies if there is a separate open data site forum or if this is already configurable.

Overall I'm a fan of the new open data map-centric redesign. However one issue we have is date text across the site tends to be in mm/dd/yyyy format. This can cause confusion in areas of the world that use dd/mm/yyyy. In AGOL there are configurable organisation settings that define what date format our organisation uses. I would like it if the Hub and open data site were to inherit these settings or have an option to define them in the Hub site settings.

Specifically one area is in the filters when viewing a layer on the map when a date field is being filtered. See attached.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi @MattPawson -- this is a great suggestion, I've added it to our backlog for consideration in the future.