Where is the "dynamic" option in the Operations Dashboard when configuring the map?

10-09-2014 09:47 AM
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I am becoming slowly acclimated to the GeoEvent Processor. I am working on Module 2 and have gotten as far as downloading the Operations Dashboard. I am trying to configure the "Flights" map, and while it appears to have been working perfectly so far, I cannot make it "dynamic" in the settings section. It only has "Static: no automatic updates" listed. I have checked my Server Manager and made sure the capabilities for the "Flights" map allow for feature access (with all three operations - Map, Query, Data - checked as well). I also checked my ArcGIS for Organizations account and made sure the map was functioning there as well (insofar as one can at the beginning of this module). Does anybody have any ideas what could be causing this?

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Hi Jeremy,

In your web map, set a refresh interval for the layer, save the map, and then you will have the dynamic option in the Operations Dashboard.

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Thank you so much! The module instructions did not specify this, and it made all the difference!

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I had the same issue.  This might provide you more info. Following is the reply from Kylie at the Esri Apps Team:

Thanks for your feedback. We are aware that the tutorial is out
of date, and we are working to get it updated. The default of the application
was changed to honor refresh intervals set in the map you use, instead of you
selecting which layers would refresh. When you are honoring the refresh
intervals set in your map, you don’t set layers to dynamic or static any more
since the map already specifies. When a layer doesn’t specify a refresh
interval, it is set to static (as you are seeing).

There are two ways you can get that layer to be dynamic:

  1. Update your map and provide a refresh interval on that layer (see Set
    refresh interval
    in the ArcGIS Online Help).
  2. Change the operation view to use a single refresh interval for all dynamic layers,
    instead of getting refresh intervals from the map (this was the default when
    the tutorial was written). This will show the dynamic button discussed in the
    tutorial. To do this, while editing your operation view, go to the Widgets menu
    and select Refresh Settings. In the Refresh Interval dialog, update the Refresh
    type to be “Use a single interval to update data sources.” Close that dialog,
    and configure your map again by clicking the gear widget in the upper-right
    corner of the map. You will now see the dynamic and static radio buttons.