Unable to transfer geoevents to HDFS using hadoop connector for geoevent

05-03-2017 05:49 AM
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We currently have a set of points with lat long as a geojson input for the geoevent service. This service basically transfers the geoevents to a file  to our HDFS. We are using the hadoop connector for geoevent. I have attached the link that we followed step by step.

GitHub - Esri/hadoop-for-geoevent: ArcGIS GeoEvent Server sample Hadoop connector for storing GeoEve... 

We are able to create an output file in hdfs, however it is empty. We are not sure why it is creating a file but not writing the contents into it.

We are using hadoop connector 10.4 and the  hadoop version 2.4.2

I have attached the screenshots as follows

We are stuck with this issue for quite a while. If rsunderman-esristaff or  someone could help us out in this regard it would be helpful.

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