Spatiotemporal big data store isn't showing up in Geoevent Manager

02-29-2016 01:21 AM
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Hi there,

I have configured a spatiotemporal big data store in my test server site.  However it is not showing up in Geoevent manager.

Here is a screenshot if the initial command line config:

spatiotemporal data store command line.PNG

Here is the description from the describedatastore command:

spatiotemporal data store description.PNG

and here is the Data store validation from the Server manager:

data store validation.PNG

So everything looks good, but the Data store is not showing up in Geoevent manager:

I added it to server using the server primary site administrator account before I federated with portal.  I also have a regular data store running on another machine that has been added to portal as the hosting server.  All firewalls are turned off.

Any ideas?



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Hi Stephan,

The tutorial can be found on the GeoEvent Gallery:



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Thanks for creating the BDS tutorial, it is extremely helpful.



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I was seeing the same behavior as described above by the original poster, whereby the list of Spatiotemporal Big Data Stores was empty no matter what steps I tried.  In my case, the issue was caused by having the Spatiotemporal data store registered with the ArcGIS Server containing GeoEvent Server.  If you are federating your servers with Portal, then the Spatiotemporal data store must instead be registered with the Hosted ArcGIS Server.  After I made this change and refreshed the data store connections from GeoEvent Manager, they began appearing in the drop-down list as expected.  

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William, it seems we have the same issue. Could you please explain more?

we have two servers federated with portal.How to register Spatiotemporal data store  with the Hosted ArcGIS Server? Do you mean to replace "geoevent server" with "hosted ArcGIS server" when configuring spatootemporal ds?

configuredatastore <ArcGIS Server admin URL> <ArcGIS Server administrator> <ArcGIS Server administrator password>  <data directory> --stores spatiotemporal

 In addition, there is no child item for /nosqldatabases

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GeoEvent server Manager -> Site -> Data Store -> Register ArcGIS Server

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