Send features to a StreamService adds to Store Latest instead of update

05-12-2022 04:14 AM
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I'm currently trying to get my head around this, as we have two similar installations on two locations, and we are seeing this behavior on one of the sites. We are running ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1 with GeoEvent Server. Amongst things, we are running a service  that has a JSON via REST input connector and a Update to StreamService output connector. In between there is a fieldmapper, solely for historical purposes (this is a 24/7 environment, can't recreate tables)

What we are seeing is when we push updates to the streamservice,  the underlying ArcGIS Server will throw an invalid query error directly after logging this:

FINE 12 mei 2022 11:19:03 GraphicFeatureServer::HandleRESTRequest ## inputJSON = {"where":"MobileID IN ('301963','496143','496318','496630','758','496598','496599','496632','496358','62025','53270','496625','782','360760','663','450228','53333','53317','526','496224')","outFields":"MobileID,OBJECTID","token":"(token here)"} DATA/Units.MapServer SERVERNAME 17002              USERNAME            15600  14940  layers/0/query           faae921b-9b43-4432-b99b-e21d0f30a452

Now that funny thing is that this where clause, when placed in the REST api also fails. The reason is quite appearant; MobileID is an integer field. It is set as an integer in the sending code, in the geoeventdefinitions, the streamservice, the featureservice and the database. I have placed logging on various places, everything is a non-quoted number. Until it hits this query. Because this query doesn't return a record, geoevent will just add the record to the store latest featurelayer, now at 200K records with maybe 100 trackers

As mentioned at the start, on my other environment, I'm not seeing this, with the same setup, the same kind of data and the same applications sending data to the platform.

Has anybody experienced this before? And if so, how did you resolve it? I tried republishing the streamservice but that did not work.

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Casper Span

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Some extra things I found. On the other working site, querying with quotes works without any problem.

Also, the working site has SQL Server 2016 and the one with issues has 2017. Both environments are the same version and patch level.

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