Is there any configuration or processor that will allow me to summarize incoming data?

04-23-2020 06:31 AM
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My use case is this:

We are looking at streaming incoming outage data from either a table or a REST URL.  The data does not contain any spatial component other than address and a "region" field.  I have investigated the use of the the dynamic output relationship class using the geocode addresses geoprocessing tool in ArcMap so that the incoming addresses could be output to an address table in our geodatabase and dynamically geocoded as new rows are inserted, but this seems to be a depreciated functionality that we can't get to work.  The other option would be to use that "region" field on the  incoming data to map the data at a lower fidelity level than street addresses.  What I need is a way to summarize the total count of events/records coming through for each region so that the output table in our geodatabase can be constantly updated with a numeric sum value for each region.  That table can then be joined to the polygon feature class we have showing the regions and then be symbolized by count from the join table.  Any suggestions for how to accomplish this in GeoEvent or otherwise?

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Take a look at this thread.  It may help.  Do read the marked solution, but ALSO, read RJ's commentary at the bottom.:


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Thanks Adam.  I think the RDBMS solution might be the best option for this scenario.  I appreciate the link!