Incoming Feed With Filter And Email Alert But Need Only 1 Email.

08-14-2013 11:33 AM
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Hi There,

I have a process working where I have an incoming feed of rainfall information for say the last 1 hour. I have a filter setup that checks this and tells me if the amount of rain is above a certain mm. I then fire off an email to say, rain detected above a certain mm.

This is all working but I have two questions:

1. Is it possible to set this up to say if one of the 7 records is above a certain mm then send me 1 email to say rain detected instead of an email for each 7?

2. Can I suppress emails emails for a period of time. So it might do 5 checks in 1 minute but only send an email after that 1 minute instead of every time?

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Each GeoEvent is processed independently of any others, so there would have to be a processor that did this for you.  None of the built-in processors with the 10.2 release do this.  However, one of the Processor samples in the SDK (Volume Control Processor) does something very similar to what you are asking for.  It controls the "volume of traffic" through the processor.  For example, you could configure it to only allow 1 message every 60 seconds to go through it, and use that to filter the number of GeoEvents that are sent to your email output.
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