HTTP PUT method not working for "Receive XML on a REST Endpoint" connector

06-21-2020 03:52 AM
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One of our client wanted to establish real-time data feed, as part of this we are using in-built "Receive XML on a REST Endpoint" input connector to receive data from 3rd party application.

3rd party application implemented to push XML data to GeoEvent using HTTP/PUT method, Unfortunately, Geoevent is not able to receive data if they send XML data through HTTP PUT method and they are receiving "405 Method Not Allowed" message.

In fact when we checked in postman, we were able to replicate the same and we could see same message.

We have taken a copy of existing input connector and modified HTTP Method parameter >> Default Value >> PUT. Used modified input connector but still getting, "405 Method Not Allowed" message. 

Please let us know in case any configuration that required in order to accept input messages with HTTP/PUT method. 

Any help on this regards much appreciated. 

Thank & Regards,

Pavan Kumar Pypuri.

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