How to influence the lifecycle of a connector by a custom transport

01-16-2020 04:55 AM
Esri Contributor


I 'am currently developing a custom transporter and combined it with an out of the box adapter. 

But I'am struggeling with the connector lifecycle. If a special error occures in the transporter I want the connector to shutdown or be permanently in an error state. But if I set the RunningState to error or try to shutdown/stop the transporter, GeoEvent always trys to start the transport again.

I could skip the startup by start by using an additional error state and just return in the startup method, but i hope there is a better way to handle it.

Furthermore I receive a lot of log messages like this one while the transporter is starting because the initialization might take a few seconds. If i try to solve my issue by skipping the Startup I would also receive a lof of these messages: Stream (ConnectorName) is trying to start its Transport (de.esri.ges.transport/TransportName/10.7.1) ..‍‍‍

Grateful for any hint,


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