How to enable basic authentication for GeoEvent Server Receive JSON on REST Input

01-12-2020 02:48 PM
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I have been struggling with trying to get basic authentication setup for one of my geoevent server inputs. The input is Receive JSON on a REST Endpoint. I noticed that I can create a copy of the connector and update the settings with Basic Auth enabled but my input still accepts requests when no credentials are provided. I'm including a picture that illustrates how the connector is configured. I am currently running 10.6.1 with plans to migrate to 10.7 later in the year.  Thanks in advance for any helpful responses.

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James Madden

GeoEvent Server's JSON receivers do not perform any authentication. The out-of-the-box Receive JSON on a REST Endpoint inbound connector you copied and modified to use the HTTP-BasicAuthentication transport needs to be configured to run in Client mode with its HTTP Method parameter configured for HTTP/GET.

When configured as a polling input the connector's transport will send whatever text you have entered as the User and Password property values to the external web server / web service so that it can authenticate GeoEvent Server's request. I suspect that you have left the input configured as a receiving input, so the connector's transport is ignoring the credentials you've specified.

Hope this information is helpful –