GPS tracking for Vehicles

08-13-2013 09:33 AM
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    I have been tasked with find out what it would take for someone to purchase geoEvent Processor and configure it to track vehicles via GPS.

1. How much does the extension cost?
2. What GPS receivers could be installed in the vehicles and a ballpark cost of one GPS unit.
3. What it would cost for ESRI professional services to help us set this up.

Any information would help out.

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Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your questions on the costs of integrating GeoEvent Processor into a project solution. Questions such as license costs and quotes for Professional Services engagements are best handled by a Customer Service Representative or Sales Representative. If you are affiliated with the Esri EPN your Technical Advisor can also help with obtaining quotes. An Esri Sales Representative might be able to help you identify commercial providers for in-vehicle GPS units, but many of the providers are Esri partners so we cannot recommend one provider over another; so this is not an area which Esri will likely be able to provide you a cost estimate. Again, thanks Jerry.

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