GeoEvent server as OPC client?

01-28-2015 05:32 PM
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I have a Motorola irrigation control system (ICC Pro). Sytem controls irrigation system and meters water usage data. Data is sent back to server.

I can setup an OPC server function and stream water usage data.

Does Geoeventserver support OPC? Can it "grab" data from an OPC server as an OPC client?


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Thans for viewing. I have an update:

I figured out how to grab data from OPC server and store data to MS SQL. Can I input this data into GeoEvent Processor and then based on conditions create or modify a feature(s)?

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Hello Al / Alexander -

My apologies that no one has replied to you on this post.

The ArcGIS GeoEvent extension does not have an out-of-the-box connector for the Motorola ICC Pro. Generally GeoEvent does not provide connectors for specific commercial devices.

When considering GeoEvent for real-time event processing the questions we need to ask are more general.

  • How is the data being broadcast such that GeoEvent could receive it?
  • Can data from the device be sent as an HTTP/POST to a REST endpoint hosted by GeoEvent, for example?
  • Can the data be streamed over a TCP socket or WebSocket?

Once we've figured out how the data will be delivered to GeoEvent, we need to know what format the data will be in.

  • Will the data be broadcast in a generic XML structure, as generic JSON, or as comma-separated text, for example?

There are adapters for the above data formats available out-of-the-box. If the ICC Pro were broadcasting its data in some other data format, then a custom adapter would need to be developed to interpret the data being sent by the device. A developer would use the provided GeoEvent SDK to develop the needed adapter.

Al indicated that he was successful in getting the ICC Pro data written out to SQL Server tables. You might want to take a look at the thread GeoEvent process Oracle/SQL connector which describes some options for retrieving this data. Generally speaking, the Esri Feature Service is the interface GeoEvent relies on to access data in enterprise database tables. GeoEvent does not support direct database table queries out-of-the-box.

We are preparing a response to a recent post How can I put a depedency in a custom processor​​. The response will likely be very technical and intended for developers. The developer in this case needs advice on incorporating a 3rd party JDBC component into the Apache Karaf OSGi container GeoEvent uses to manage the various components it uses during runtime.

Hope this information is of some use to you -


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Hello Al,

I got exactly same question like this, but I am still in the middle of finding a solution.

Do you mind if I ask how were you able to store data from OPC server and to MS SQL?

Do you think you can share your workflows with me? 

Thank you so much


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