Enrich existing record with new data

02-28-2014 07:18 AM
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I am putting together a Service using GEP and (potentially) ArcGIS Server.  Here is my scenario:

1. I received truck information that may just provide info (id, driver, initial load..etc).  Just some simple truck information to start with.
2. Later in time, we receive more information such as current load, updated location, speed..etc.
3. Push updated data out via KML from GEP.

So what is the recommended course of action in developing a service that solves this requirement?  Do I need to just build a custom processor that enriches the data?  Would the existing data on the truck live in a feature service and the enrichment process would be to query the feature service for current truck information and add the new data and then push into the cache that the KML adapter uses?

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