Duplicate notification after " entered " geofence

10-27-2020 12:06 AM
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Hi everyone,

I'm working on a send alerts throw E-mails when a car has enter the geofence.

To do that I have INPUT as IVMS data then we have FILTER ( geometry enter geofence ) and that will give us an OUTPUT as E-mails.

But I facing a problem that when the car dosen't enter the geofence and stay inside (not exit) the geofence and the data refreshed in IVMS database I got the same e-mails over and over again from the same car.

I just want one e-mail when the car enter the geofence even if it is not get out from the geofence.?

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Esri Contributor

Use an incident detector instead of the filter to detect 'enter' and 'exit' conditions. After, the incident detector, add a filter that only allows Status=Started. 

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