Best practice populate a field with table of fees to code enforcement violations (feature class)?

01-06-2020 11:33 AM
New Contributor

I have a feature class layer that is being updated daily with code enforcement violations (citations). The plan is to make a gauge for the revenue created by the violations. Each citation is assigned a violation code. There are about 126 violation codes with various fees for each. I have considered setting something up in GeoEvent as a processor to calculate the field, but in order to set this up I need the expression. Before I get to the GeoEvent step, does anyone have an idea how to do what I am trying to accomplish? Populating the fields with the fees would be great. So to clarify I have a growing list of citations all with violation codes which have fees. 

I am attaching a list of a portion of the table as well as the target feature class. 

Edit: I have found by moving my table and feature class to ArcMap the join works. Whereas in Pro the fields were just being duplicated without adding the fees. I still need help getting the expressions.

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