"Could not delete the expired file"

08-07-2013 07:07 AM
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I have four file outputs set up as follows:

Name: file-out-mark-all (name varies)
Folder: local-temp
Filename prefix: mark-all_ (prefix varies)
Subfolder: <blank>
File Rollover Method: By Size
File Rollover Size: 10000
File Cleanup Age: 1440
File Cleanup Method: Delete
Message Separator: \n
Attribute Separator: ,
File Extension: csv

I have a data store registered as name "local-temp", with permissions "Read, Write" and it points to C:\temp

When the file cleanup age has been reached, I see an error in the logs for every file that is "old":

"2013-08-06 17:28:24,721  |  ERROR  |  ile-out-mark-all  | FileOutboundTransport  |  251 - com.esri.ges.framework.transport.file-transport - 10.2.0  |  Could not delete the expired file: C:\temp\mark-all_2013-07-09_15-12-54.csv"

When I first set up these four file outputs, the first day that passed (1440 minutes is a day) resulted in four of these messages.  But then as each day passes, there are four more files added to the list in the C:\temp folder.  So the following day, there are 12 files, then 16, etc.  So the new files are successfully being created per the file output rollover rules, but the old ones are not getting deleted.  So as each day passes, I see more and more "Could not delete the expired file:" errors because there are more and more "expired" files in the C:\temp directory.

Any ideas why they're not getting deleted?
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Hi Mark,

This issue has been logged and the team will look into it. Thanks for your feedback.

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