Add folder view to manage GeoEvent input, outpu connectors and services

11-11-2019 09:10 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor

Currently we can view all input, output connectors and GeoEvent services under the monitor view. That is good but it is inconvenient and not efficient when you have more projects/GeoEvent services. You have to open the services to see which input/output connectors are used in a particular service. I currently use a proper name convention to manage them, e.g. name the input/output connectors, services for the same project with a same prefix or suffix to their names so that I can tell which one is for what project under the monitor view or individual inputs/GeoEvent services/outputs views.

Can you add folder view, or say project view, so that we have option to view them(inputs/outputs/GeoEvent Services) by projects?

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