Keyboard navigation with ArcGIS Mobile 10

04-08-2011 09:38 AM
New Contributor
My users are complaining that the touch screen is too difficult in their environment (on a small boat in rough water).  There are too many missed touches.  They would prefer to use a physical keyboard.  The keyboard works as expected once a control has focus, but getting focus to a control requires a touch or lots of seemingly random tab keys.  Many of the controls do not highlight with a focus ring, so it is hard to tell where the focus is.

The navigation buttons do not respond to the enter or cancel keys, unless they are have focus.  Getting focus to the buttons with just the keyboard is very frustrating. 

I've tried overriding the MobileApplicationPage.OnKeyDown() method, but this only works when the page control has focus.  Once again it is hard to get focus to the control.

Has any one else tried to use a physical keyboard with a mobile app?  Do you have any suggestions?
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