Help: ESRI Maps for MicroStrategy: Invalid redirect_uri

09-02-2014 05:19 AM
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Hi All,


I have using the 30 day trial of ESRI Maps for MicroStrategy.


I have deployed the plugin to \MicroStrategy\Web ASPx\plugins\em4mstr.


I have updated the settings file at \MicroStrategy\Web ASPx\plugins\em4mstr\JavaScript\configuration as advised in the installation guide.

My Settings File:


keepAliveInterval: 60000,


arcgisSharing: true,

arcgisAuthType: "user", //or "app"

arcgisAppUser: "",

arcgisAppPassword: "",

arcgisAppId:"<App ID pasted here>",

selectionColor: "#FF0000",




My MicroStrategy Web URL is on the intranet.

Whenever, I try to see the widget properties for a 'ESRI Maps for MicroStrategy widget' on a MicroStrategy dashboard, I get a popup with a 'Invalid redirect_uri Error: 400' error.

I also get an Oauth HTTP 400 window on some occassions. MicroStrategy Web is running on IIS & ASP.NET on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise box.

Please help.

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Hi Rohit,

I'm sorry that I could not yet reproduce your issue.

Then do you also have the same issue in other Reports/Documents including Esri Maps for MicroStrategy?

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