Esri Maps for SharePoint: How To Debug the "Esri Maps Connect" Workflow?

02-26-2015 03:00 AM
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Hi there,

does anyone know how I can debug the Esri Maps Connect Workflow within SharePoint 2013?

I want to read external data from a remote SQL Server DB and the only thing I can see (with the Profiler on the remote server) is a connection established with Anonymous Logon and the following SQL statements are being executed:


exec sp_executesql N'select TABLE_CATALOG, TABLE_SCHEMA, TABLE_NAME, TABLE_TYPE from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES where (TABLE_CATALOG = @Catalog or (@Catalog is null)) and (TABLE_SCHEMA = @Owner or (@Owner is null)) and (TABLE_NAME = @Name or (@Name is null)) and (TABLE_TYPE = @TableType or (@TableType is null))',N'@Catalog nvarchar(4000),@Owner nvarchar(4000),@Name nvarchar(4000),@TableType nvarchar(4000)',@Catalog=NULL,@Owner=NULL,@Name=NULL,@TableType=NULL


select * from ['FIRST_TABLE_FROM_THE_ABOVE_RESULT'] where 1 = 0

The documentation says that all events and details should be logged to the workflow history list, but it's empty. So, the result is <None> in all of the drop down fields within the Esri Maps Connect form (s. attached PNG).

Any help or hint for debugging or solving the problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Thomas,

Someone from the SharePoint team might have more troubleshooting info on this.  I have successfully set up a connection with a SQL Server 08 R2 database on the same domain as my SharePoint Server.  With the current configuration of EM4S you will need to enable anonymous access by adding the following permissions to the database.

NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON or NT AUTHORITY\IUSR will need to have db_reader access to the database.

If external & on the same domain also add this login/user:

[domain name]\[SharePoint server machine name]$ for example mine is AVWORLD\mysharepointmachine$ this will need db_datareader/db_datawriter/db_ddladmin permission. 

There may be issue if the SQL Server is on a different domain than your SharePoint server.  Are you able to make a business connectivity service?  Below is a sharepoint blog that might have some useful information.

Business Connectivity Services (BCS) Overview - SharePoint Blog 

If you still have issues I would suggest to reach out to the support team at

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