Esri Maps for MicroStrategy Released!

08-07-2013 05:42 AM
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We are pleased to announce the release of Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 1.0.

With Esri Maps for MicroStrategy, you can enrich your MicroStrategy Report Services Documents with live interactive maps, allowing you to analyze your business data visually and interactively. Esri Maps for MicroStrategy is deployed as a plugin to MicroStrategy Web Universal, and is designed to seamlessly integrate into the everyday workflows familiar to MicroStrategy document designers and analysts, without the need for custom coding or GIS experience. In Esri Maps for MicroStrategy, document designers can create rich maps that interact with other datasets in their documents and dashboards, and can combine published geographic data with MicroStrategy business data for easier analysis.

With Esri Maps for MicroStrategy, document designers can:

  • Compose a map with data from multiple sources, including data from ArcGIS.

  • Plot MicroStrategy business data directly on the map.

  • Define how map data is styled and displayed.

  • Define how map data interacts with other datasets in the document.

With Esri Maps for MicroStrategy, document analysts can view, browse, query, and manipulate maps in documents and dashboards with tools that require no additional skills to use.

Visit the Esri Customer Care Portal to download and install Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 1.0.

For product documentation and other information about Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 1.0, see the Esri Maps for MicroStrategy Resource Center.

~The Esri Maps for MicroStrategy Team
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Has anyone downloaded the Esri Maps for MicroStrategy 1.0 through Customer Care Portal?
I've been checking it everyday since early August, and I have yet to find MicroStrategy 1.0 or Cognos 5.0...

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New Contributor

I'm creating Microstrategy 9.4.1 HF 6 reports using the ESRI maps integration.

It is possible to add microstrategy data to a ESRI map using as a location type the road and KM for Spain area?

Thanks in advance

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This is possible in the Esri Maps for MicroStrategy plugin available here.

View online help on creating a custom location type.

I don't know if this is possible in MicroStrategy's in-built ESRI map integration, check the MicroStrategy help for more details.

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In MicroStrategy's in-built plugin you can use indivual Areas via kml only, and with limited functionality.

As Chaka said already, your request is possible in Esri Maps for MicroStrategy.

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