ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint (Office365) configuration.

03-29-2019 04:35 AM
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I want to configurate The ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint.

I follow the official Esri instruction:

When I try to do this step from instruction: Access ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint app configuration, the app configuration page doesn't open. Insted of opens  the page with information about this add-in .( any confoguration options or information on it). - screen1

So when i try to add a workflow  i got alert: ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint is not configured. Ask the site collection administrator to complete ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint Configuration.- screen2

And another alert after choosing the link from first alert: You don't have access to the ArcGIS Maps app configuration page. -screen3

I'm the global administrator of SharePoint so i should have permission.

Am i doing something wrong?

Any ideas?



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I'm fairly sure you have to set your user as a 'Site Collection Administrator' to be able to configure it - this is separate from being the site admin. Under Site Settings > Users and Permissions > Site Collection Administrators you should be able to add your username in and then be able to configure the ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint



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Hi. My account wasn't listed to Site Collection Administrators. I used your instruction and add account to the Site Collection Administrators  and I configurated ArcGIS Maps app but still when i try to add workflow I get alert :

"ArcGIS credentials

Credentials are required to author ArcGIS maps and use the ArcGIS Maps Locate workflow."

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You have to enter those credentials in the site admin page for the arcGIS for SharePoint app.

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