What are some of the methods and approaches we can use to accommodate point level data in BI but ensure it is still working relatively quickly?

07-05-2020 11:04 PM
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Dear Group,

Any one here has tried to work with point level data successfully using the ArCGIS Map for Bi tool? just to clarify, I am referring to big data (millions of records), if so can u share some of your experience?

Regards O

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Hello @Michael_Ori

   In my experience stress testing the software, I have been unable to load more than 50,000 points at one time. The visual will break around that point and will be unable to load more features. Interestingly enough if you reload the visual ArcGIS for PowerBI will load a different set every time.

   Speaking to some of my colleagues, it appears that it is outside of PowerBI's scope to handle large datasets. For that, we recommend using GeoAnalytics with Spatiotemopral Big Datastore to ensure data fidelity.

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Thanks Jon

I would be keen to further explore this option, were you referring to specifying tool? as we indeed going to work with big data.

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Sure thing Ori,

    Please read through the links below to get more information:

ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server

What is ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server

ArcGIS Spatiotemporal big Data Store

2019 Dev Summit record of GeoAnalytics

Quick aside, when deploying the STBDS, it is imperative that you deploy it with an odd number of nodes, should you decide to deploy it on multiple machines.

Lastly, if you working with big data feeds, you may be interested in learning about Analytics for IoT.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

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