Divergent or custom colour ramps...

11-08-2018 11:26 AM
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Hi Community!

Our analytics are mostly finance or business based which means we are usually looking at over and under performing data.

Currently, there are no colour ramps, using the ArcGIS online maps in Power BI, that allow you to show divergent colour ramps. Our only options are colour ramps that show an increase in the colour, so it's always light at one end and dark at the other end...Linear colour ramps.

Could you please include some divergent colour ramps that look like this...

or let the user change the colours so we can customize them for our needs?

Maps and GIS are pretty new to our organization, so not being able to customize the colours or pick a divergent colour ramp is actually a deal breaker for us to use Esri maps in our Power BI, which is really unfortunate because there is so much potential. 

The worst part is that Bing map containers can do this...

So why can't we (esri users)?



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