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05-25-2018 03:04 PM
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We've received a number of questions regarding how and when Power BI data is sent to Esri when Power BI users interact with the ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visual. I'd like to share these answers with the community so everyone is aware of when their data is - and isn't being sent to Esri for geoprocessing. 

Q: There are data going to and from the ArcGIS site.  I am assuming this is just address data for mapping purposes only. The question is what data is sent between Power BI and ArcGIS? And is this data being stored by ArcGIS?

A: Correct, only the data needed to geocode the address (ie, fields placed in the Location field well) are passed to Esri servers. These data are only used to generate the information used to place the locations on the map and they are not stored by Esri servers.

Q: Does ArcGIS offer a service where this data is not collected for internal use or shared with any partners?

A: As mentioned, we do not store this data. We also do not share it with partners. If data being passed to Esri is a concern, you can use the latitude and longitude field wells to map their point data instead of using the Location field well. When using the latitude and longitude field wells, no data is passed to Esri for mapping – but it does require you to have performed the geocoding process some other way.

Q: Does ArcGIS maps geo-coding have a limit on the number of waypoints that can be sent?  If so, what is the limit?  Is there a limit per day?

A: Limits to geocoding are on a per-map basis and can be found in our documentation here.

Q: Is it possible our address list or search history is never shared for marketing purposes to any partner of ArcGIS?

A: Address list and search history information from ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is never shared for any purpose to any partner of Esri.

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We have some concerns in my organization regarding security. On the Microsoft documentation site they write that any data bound to the visualization could be sent to ESRI. That is not the same as you write in this blog post.

I have found the description on this page and highlighted sentence: Interacting with an ArcGIS map that has been shared with you - Power BI | Microsoft Docs  

In this chapter: 

"How do ArcGIS Maps for Power BI work together? ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is provided by Esri (https://www.esri.com). Your use of ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is subject by Esri's terms and privacy policy. Power BI users wishing to use the ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visuals, need to accept the consent dialog (see User Consent for details). Using Esri’s ArcGIS Maps for Power BI is subject to Esri’s Terms and Privacy Policy, which are also linked to from the consent dialog. Each user must consent prior to using ArcGIS Maps for Power BI for the first time. Once the user accepts the consent, data bound to the visual is sent to Esri’s services at least for geocoding, meaning transforming location information into latitude and longitude information that can be represented in a map. You should assume any data bound to the data visualization can be sent to Esri’s services. Esri provides services like base maps, spatial analytics, geocoding, etc. The ArcGIS Maps for Power BI visual interacts with these services using an SSL connection protected by a certificate provided and maintained by Esri. Additional information about ArcGIS Maps for Power BI can be obtained from Esri’s ArcGIS Maps for Power BI product page."

What is right and wrong in this matter? Could you help Microsft change their site, so you write the same thing.

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Rasmus Klog

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I am still waiting for an answer, could you please reply!

Best regards

Rasmus Klog

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Hello Rasmus,  Apologies for the delay in responding to this question.  The notice that is seen when first accessing our visual in Power BI is a required legal statement by Microsoft.  It is a notice that the Power BI users are using 3rd party services that are outside the boundary of Microsoft.  Our original statements are correct.  We have been discussing this with Microsoft and they are yet to concede on any changes to the legal language.  With that said, the statement sin the original discussion of this thread are indeed accurate.

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Hello Team

we are using ArcGis Power BI map visual with Standard edition (no org account). As per documentation - locations allowed 10,000 per month. the report visual has 2500 location. does it ran out when we view the visual four times? how the usage will be calculated? 

we had problem on last month the map locations are disappeared randomly. I have view more than 10 time looks ok for this month. we never know when we ran out of usage.

thank you for your help!

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