Debug.txt file generated when I start PowerPoint with ArcGIS Maps for Office

08-24-2017 08:18 AM
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Hi, everyone.

Recently I have installed ArcGIS Maps for Office in my Windows 10 Laptop and everything seems fine until i noticed something when I start Microsoft Powerpoint 2016.

When PowerPoint loads my pptx file, in the same folder of my file it creates a debug text file in blank and stays in the folder even if i close Powerpoint or even if i don't use ArcGIS Maps.

I suspect that something happened with ArcGIS Maps for Office so I tried to disable ArcGIS Maps on Powerpoint going to COM Add-Ins and uncheck it. I restarted Powerpoint and no more debug.txt generated.

Anyone have experienced the same issue?


FYI: I have ArcGIS Maps for Office x64

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The debug file is created for me as well! It's totally empty though. Maybe it's a good thing?

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+1 I get this and end up with a lot of .debug files that sometimes don't delete when I shut the powerpoint down.

Any settings to avoid this happening?  I assume it is likely on the MS side?

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