ArcGIS Feature Service as data source in Power BI

11-14-2018 07:06 AM
Status: Implemented
Esri Contributor

Provide the ability to use a private ArcGIS Feature Service as a data source in Power BI


This would be a game changer for our organization.  We constantly have issues trying to bring hosted AGOL data into our PowerBI dashboards.  The integration should be seamless.  ESRI dashboards are good, but PBI offers many advantages.  

Is there any updates on this idea?


Agree, we see value in both dashboards (ArcGIS and PowerBI) having better integration with hosted feature services would give us better flexibility in meeting the needs of our clients and staff!


Agree this would be a game changer. We have feature service layers created by Survey 123 that we want to integrate with out other non-ESRI data sources in Power BI


This would create a seamless flow between the two software's and creating a better integration. Would save time having to set up flows to make the connection between the two. So many advantages to this if it were enabled. 


It would be a path breaking implementation. :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Do we have any update on it?


This is such a great idea. It would be perfect for my organisation. 

Status changed to: Implemented

This will be possible with the ArcGIS connector for Power Automate that will release on December 16th. We will have a blog post announcing support for this, as well as a technical article to explain how to use the connector.

Our initial work in Power Automate is not a full product yet, and supported via the forums. There will be some documentation in Microsoft's Power Automate doc site, but it is something we will expand on over time.

While we can bring feature layers into Power BI, please understand there are limits on how much data Power BI can handle. Restrictions like file size and character limits in a field are the main limitations. There's also data engineering to consider as well as appropriate use cases.

Eg. You do not want to load a city/county worth of parcel data into Power BI. If you need to have a report like experience for 50,000 parcels we recommend ArcGIS Dashboards or Insights. 

Please keep the ideas coming and let us know what you need next!