Sync not working when services directory is disabled

02-22-2017 09:55 AM
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I have my services directory disabled on my server (10.4) and am unable to sync edits using ArcGIS for AutoCad 355 (AutoCAD Map 2016). If I enable the services directory I can sync edits. Is this a known issue/limitation with ArcGIS for AutoCAD?

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Hi!  I have been struggling for over a year now to figure out WHY a feature service hosted by our Server, with query only capabilities, disconnects from our server and shouts all kinds of error messages when i try to implement the "Set Service From Current Extent" tool.  I'm curious about your post, since that tool is bundled up with the Editing Tools, including Syncing.  We aren't trying to Sync, just to simply reset the extent that the service shows when you click the tool.  I've always wondered if it were because we also have our Service Directories disabled.  It was never a popular theory though, until now..... hmmm.  I've read every piece of documentation and haven't come across this specific criteria, but it's important I'd say!  Thanks for your post!

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