Scaling the points to easily read into CAD software (ie move to the origin)?

05-08-2020 09:30 AM
New Contributor


I am trying to export GIS files (I've tried various types, raster, polygon, point, STL, etc.) into a geometry/mesh for CAD use. I have been able to import it into my software as a dwg or stl file, but the geometry is flat (in the 'up'/z direction). I discussed with the manufacturer of the software and they speculated that the CAD accuracy may not be able to pick up fractions of a mm in dimensions of around 200km. They recommended to scale the points to something more sensible, such as moving to the origin. 

I am still new to GIS and would appreciate any advice on this process, even if it may not be specifically scaling the points, maybe I am just going about the entire process incorrectly. 



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