How to set/improve quality of extracted World Imagery photo

10-22-2020 01:25 PM
New Contributor

I am using ArcGIS for AutoCAD 400, in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2020. Is there a way to improve image resolution from World Imagery? In AutoCAD, when you have brought in an aerial from the available online Bing photos, you have the option to select the image and choose coarse, optimal, fine, or very fine. Is there a way to improve image resolution in the ArcGIS interface one you have extracted your image for printing? 

Thank you for your time.


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Esri Contributor

You can control your AutoCAD view and EXTRACT the imagery multiple times to create a little mosaic.  You will want to either exactly control the zoom or have some overlap to create a grid to cover the area with a higher resolution image.  ArcGIS for AutoCAD optimizes the resolution of maps based on the the view, so sometime like you mention you'd want higher resolution maps over a larger area.  Extracting multiple images is one way to do that.  

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