Use CAD layer names to attribute parcel fabric construction categories

10-08-2012 09:17 AM
Status: In Product Plan
New Contributor III

When using the cut-and-paste-from-CAD method to create parcel fabric constructions, would it be possible to have the paste function derive parcel line categories (0-Boundary 2-Precise Con 3-Connection, etc.) from layer names in the CAD drawing?  This would save a LOT of time spent hunting down and relabeling pasted lines from Boundary to something else.  Obviously, ArcGIS is capable reading layer names from CAD drawings, otherwise linework could not be symbolized by layer name.  Why not harness this capability to make the cut-and-paste functionality more efficient as well?

This workflow would probably require strict layer naming in the CAD drawing on the part of the CAD operator, and calling layers by number probably wouldn't work since CAD contains a 0 (zero) layer by default.  I would suggest a "pf" prefix in front of the Category name as a layer-naming standard (pfBoundary, pfPrecise_Con, pfConnection, etc.), but  if it's easier to code something else, that's fine too.