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Affordable GNSS receiver suggestions

04-24-2024 05:39 AM
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Looking for suggestions for an affordable external bluetooth GNSS receiver to use with Field Maps on an iPad with decent accuracy (sub 2-3 meter). Collecting ecological survey data and often working in remote locations (no service) under tree cover. What are the best options for under $2000?

Thanks in advance!

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I have written a reply about this:



This might help you. Were I to buy another I would buy the same EOS Arrow 100

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We use Bad Elf - the mini and the flex


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See if the Bad Elf Flex Mini works for your case. All major GNSS supported and RTK available with external corrections and what the call their "extreme" mode. Works with Field Maps. They make good products and provide good support. bad-elf dot com.

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Is moving to Samsung an option?  The latest Tab Active rugged models have dual band GPS in them getting submeter right out of the box.  Plus can use in the rain, hot swap batteries, etc.

We are hoping the dual band from the iPhone makes it to the iPad soon but I have not seen anything on it yet.

In our testing we found that a bad elf was no better than the iPad esp in canopy.  You really need something with a big antenna to make a difference in canopy like an Arrow from Eos.  

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